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Network & Data Security

Securing Your Assets

WE are in the information age, and WE now realize that people and data/information are any company’s most valuable assets – securing those assets from natural disasters, human error, or malicious intent (cyber or physical attacks) is paramount to EvolvTec, OUR PARTNERS, and society as a whole.

Risk of Data Loss

Power outages risk data loss, as do user errors, as do malware, computer viruses, ransomware, outdated and underperforming hardware and software. EvolvTec partners with hardware and software vendors, cybersecurity vendors and consultants, and actively researches emerging technologies – and threats – to proactively and strategically address the aforementioned risks before they become nightmares. Working TOGETHER, we will keep your company’s infrastructure updated for enhanced performance and productivity, enhanced security and stability, and develop INNOVATIVE methodologies to not only ensure business continuity CREATE competitive advantages via network and data/information security!

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