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Business Continuity

When Disaster Strikes…

A hurricane hits…your office is flattened and/or power is out for a week (or more). Can your business survive? Network/Data/Information security, data backup and backup monitoring, and disaster recovery planning are all facets of Business Continuity.

Don’t let data get lost forever

How long can your business remain viable/operational in the event of a natural disaster that wipes out physical facilities, your technology infrastructure, or disrupts power for an extended period? You can always buy new servers, new computers, and new software, but…what if your data is forever lost? Is the hardware and software of any value without data to drive it? If you have a destination, you can plan a route to get there. Without a destination, without a plan/map…you drive aimlessly and waste all of your resources to arrive at the edge of a cliff in the dark at midnight…

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