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I.T. for the Medical Industry

Solutions for Created for Medical Practices

Our Director of Technology is HIPAA certified – WE understand and embrace compliance and support the privacy of health care/patient data.

As medical professionals, you do not have time to focus on patient care and the I.T. needs of your practice. This is where EvolvTec can provide you with the support you are looking for in information technology professionals. Unlike other businesses, medical professionals have some additional demands on their I.T. infrastructure, including:

  • Being HIPAA Compliant
  • Maintaining Electronic Medical Records ( EMRs)
  • Working with sometimes outdated medical equipment software
  • Patient Billing and Insurance Software connection

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These are just some of the main reasons why your practice can not be serviced by just any I.T. professional. EvolvTec’s team of over 25 professionals is specifically trained on all the unique needs of medical practices. EvolvTec is HIPAA certified, and experience with the industry’s top ERM software and applications.

Select the I.T. Professionals who are the best equipped to service your practice needs.